Scoreland – Patty Michova: Sex for Breakfast

Category: Big Tits Patty Michova Scoreland Tom Holl Videos📹 | Date: 4 September 2023

Tom to call in sick, she puts them on and interrupts his reading. If that doesn't convince any guy to stay home and attend to more important things, nothing will. It's great to see jawbreaking sexbomb Patty back at SCORELAND. She's now a blonde and looking as slim, busty and shapely as ever.

Patty is a magician at making things disappear, namely her clothing. She gives Tom a quickie lap dance, and like magic, the office is forgotten. Patty kneels by the table and swallows every centimeter of his skin-flute, and while she's chest-level with his cock, squeezes his dick between her big tits.

Patty lies on the table and opens her shapely legs. It's time for Tom to get to work, and she doesn't mean leave for the office. She wants a tongue-lashing, and then she wants him to fuck her on the table, fuck her from… Join Now!

Scoreland – Patty Michova: Sex for Breakfast

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